Oxford Landing Shiraz 75cl

A deep purple red, the Oxford Landing Estates Shiraz has lifted aromas of plums and black cherries with hints of violets and white pepper. The generous palate has dark berry fruit flavors of blackberry and plum, complimented by soft, supple tannins with hints of chocolate and spice. The subtle oak influence and bright fruit flavours linger during the long succulent finish.

Description : Australia’s most popular grape varietal, Shiraz is full-bodied with high alcohol, and vibrant berry and plum on both the nose and palate. Australia’s hot summers and cooler winters impart complexity and structure that collects well and is a worldwide favorite.

Shiraz is described as robust and spicy with a slightly sweet finish. You will also enjoy a velvety and slightly syrupy mouthfeel when enjoying this varietal.

Genetically identical to French Syrah, these grapes migrated to Australia in the 19th century and flourished taking on characteristics of indigenous flora. It is not uncommon to taste notes of Eucalyptus when enjoying this wine.

Growing to commercial prominence in the last decade of the 20th century, Shiraz is a fan favorite the world over and is a great wine for drinkers of different levels of experience.

Peppery and deep, enjoy this wine with flavorful spicy foods from steak, to the Mediterranean and even Latin cuisines. This wine can overpower more subtle dishes, so be cautious to avoid lighter proteins and unspiced seafood.

Tasting Note : Fresh plum and subtle vanilla oak with hints of violets and floral aromas. The generous silky palate has blueberry and plum fruit, complemented by soft, rounded tannins with hints of milk chocolate and warm spices. Bright fruit flavors linger during the long, succulent finish.

Best Enjoyed With : A lightly spiced rag├╣ or massaman vegetable curry would be a great accompaniment.

Treatment : Fermentation was carried out in a combination of static and rotary fermenters under warm temperature conditions for six to seven days. This creates a balance between extracting the appropriate tannins for wine structure and retaining fruit drive and aromatics.